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Compostable PLA Ice Cream Scoop 10 cm Black – 20kg (approx. 13240 u.)

Referencia: 10BN Categoría:

Original price was: 305,20 €.Current price is: 259,42 €. s/IVA

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The “Compostable PLA Ice Cream Scoop” 🍦🥄 is an eco-friendly and conscious option to enjoy your favorite ice creams. Made of PLA, a compostable bioplastic material, this spoon not only allows you to enjoy your delicious desserts, but also contributes to the protection of the environment.

Characteristics of the PLA Compostable Ice Cream Spoon:

  1. Compostable PLA Material 🌱: Made from PLA (polylactic acid), this teaspoon is a sustainable alternative to conventional plastic spoons. PLA is derived from natural renewable sources such as corn or sugar cane and decomposes naturally in composting environments.
  2. Functional and ergonomic design 🎨: Designed with comfort in mind, this spoon is perfect for enjoying your ice cream and desserts with ease. Its ergonomic design makes it suitable for both adults and children.
  3. In harmony with the environment 🌍: By opting for this compostable spoon, you are making a choice that minimizes environmental impact. You can enjoy your ice cream without contributing to the problem of single-use plastic waste.
  4. Ideal for sustainable businesses 🏞️: This scoop is the perfect choice for ice cream parlors, restaurants, coffee shops and any business looking to implement environmentally friendly options. By offering these compostable teaspoons to your customers, you demonstrate your commitment to sustainability.

By choosing these spoons, you are making a positive contribution to caring for the planet while enjoying your favorite frozen treats. 🌱🥄🍦


Product features
Model / Ref. 10BN
Material PLA
Weight 1,51 g
Measures 100 mm
Product packaging
Material Avana Corrugated Cardboard / PAP 20
Units per box 20 kg
Units kg 1 kg=+/- 662und
Box size WxLxH 590 x 390 x 380 mm
Gross weight of box 21.40 kg
Net weight of box 20 kg
EAN 0000000000000

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